About us

Over ten years, in the past, Bonis Pork commenced the Hatfield Quality Meats® subculture of satisfying customers with quality, delicious beef products in the Coimbatore market.

We’ve transferred these awesome middle values of honesty, quality, and provide excellence to Bonis pork. And on every occasion you buy whatever from us you will see those qualities whether at the store or online.

We’re excited to be shifting back to the destiny and are once again imparting meat without delay to families via our new online store. So please save and find the great meat with us and in case of any queries do now not hesitate to call us.

We are basically driven by passion laying precise check on quality, hygiene and freshness; and we strictly do not compromise on any aspects. Apart from this, Bonis Pork is best known in the market for its nominal and affordable prices.


Bonis Pork supplies you the widest collection, assuring its premium quality and of unbeatable prices.

We have also earned the name of being the most trusted suppliers and wholesalers of raw pork meat in the market today.

We are also the pioneers in the market for supplying the best range of meat and other pork meat, frozen foods as well as fresh and ready to eat meat products.


Hygienic and Healthy

Pork is the most widely consumed and versatile protein in the world.


Easy to Cook

It’s easy to cook, adaptable to just about any recipe, and very tender and juicy.


Farm Fresh Meats

Providing high-quality organic meat


Our Mission

To achieve a high level of client satisfaction through excellent service, competitive prices, good honest business ethics, and personal guaranties

Our History

Butchery, being one of the world’s oldest and most respected professions. Dating back to the domestication of livestock when meat was first brought into our regular diet. Bonis pork. Is proud to bring international standards to India.

What we do

To develop all employees to their full potential in order to secure a high level of quality and service only Bonis Pork can provide.

Certificates & Awards

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Bonis Pork
Pullah Gounden Puthur
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About us