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Pig cultivation has become one of the most crucial activities in today’s era. Pig cultivating gives you numerous benefits and also attracts a number of fatteners, which is otherwise known as piglets. So, this clearly pronounces the first and foremost reason as to why pig cultivation is considered as one among the best suited activity today.

Pigs tend to have changing and varying food intake year round. This takes the turn to indicate that the pigs have the urge to process more live weight from a said weight of load, as compared to some other class of meat producing animals. Some of the best examples of feeds include the following:

  • Grains
  • Scrounges
  • Trash

In all of the above mentioned feeds, the pigs convert these into crucial meat products.


In case you are in with feeding your pigs with harmed grains, trash and in some cases, the uneven apportions, could lead to minimal feed effectiveness.

The pig is usually high yielding and has a constrained stretch.
As an example, a sow can be parented right from the age of eight to nine months and can farrow withing a time period of 12 months or 1 year. Six to 12 piglets can be raised in a single at a stretch farrowing. Pigs are basically well known for their meat production.

Pork is considered as the most wholesome and sustaining food stuff, wherein it has got high levels of fat and low water content. It has first class energy capacity, as compared to other meat and its products. Apart from this, it also has other rich nutrients such as Thiamine, niacin and riboflavin.

Pig excretion and its by products are especially utilized in the manure making in the rural house holds. In addition to the above said information, pig fat is increasingly becoming the most wanted stuff among the poultry industry, cleanser, paints and other industries.


The first and foremost question that you must arise within yourself before you begin the business of pork cultivation is that:

“Is there any traces or inclination of pork cultivation in my locality or neighbourhood? Is there anyone who will buy my pigs?

In the likely even of an ‘YES’ answer to all of the above questions, well in that case, you can consider the cultivation of pigs at your own farm or hire one.

Once you have begun your pig cultivation, it is usually highly recommended that you start off with the weaner pig cultivation as well. The sole purpose for this is that the weaner pigs would weigh under 40 kgs and it could be an assistant to cultivation of fresh and fleshy pigs for better rates and economic conditions. So, during the entire breeding and cultivation time, it is very crucial as well as a very critical time period for you to get in to the financial terms well.

The market cost of pigs varies based on its demands from the buyers and sellers. They could fluctuate in a very unstable manner. The prices could shoot up when the sale of pork has been put to a constraint or the prices could lower very drastically, when there is more of pork that has been produced in the farm and sold to the market.

FAQ by most of the merchant:

Most of the buyers, who come to purchase the pork from your shop, may have the following query:

  • How old is the pig?
  • Has it been debilitated before?
  • Has it gotten inoculations? If so, for which ailment?
  • Has it received any kind of treatment for parasites?
  • Suppose if it is an adult and a matured pig, how many times has it undergone reproduction?
  • Why are you in the first place selling the pig?
  • Does the pig have a pleasing appearance?

Make a keen observation and notice about the pigs’ responses. At the point when you make sure everything is just right for you, all you got to do is to shout out or whistle any solid pig, and just see if it responds to you by taking a glance at you.


From the general purpose point of you, before you purchase a pig, you would have to make note of the follow points:

  • Is the pigs’ back help up very straight?
  • Is the coat shiny?
  • Does the pigs’ skin seem to be very clean, without any shabbiness?
  • Does the pig have any kind of swellings on the head, body or other areas on the body?
  • Are their legs solid and straight?
  • Does the pig walk properly?


When it comes to breeding of the pigs, you should be very choosy, if you wish to balance both the profit to your business as well as the pigs’ health condition. It is highly recommended that you should choose from one among the following breeds:

  • SA Landrace: this is an indigenous and privately raised breed.
  • Duroc: Originally raised in the U.S, one of the demarcating features of this pig is its hanging and sloppy ears.
  • Kolbroek: this is a very special variety that is modest than most of the present day breeds of pigs.


Your pigs should be raised in a very well manner, as much as how you take care of your babies. As per their age groups, they would also require different intakes of food, at each and every different stage of their life growth. Their wellbeing, if taken care, will be so evidently shown in their reproduction health. Thus, indeed, it is a very important and a very crucial stage in making keen note and observing the pigs’ behaviour and reporting any slight changes in their day to day activities.

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