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It’s scorching out there!

Summers has set in and is the beach of heat waves splashing on us. There are quite a couple of things that we, as pig care takers, could do to help the pigs to tolerate the heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the two most critical aspects that could kill any pigs. All the pigs that you raise in your own farm has to be well taken care of by keeping them well hydrated and giving them the essential nutrients at timed intervals.

It is very important to note that pigs, in general, do not like to sweat like how we, as humans, tend to sweat. So, it is necessary to always keep a check up on your pig often, so that you learn about their health and the state of their well being. 


Each and every pig requires some time out in the open as well. For this very reason, it is highly recommended that your pigs get a shady and well ventilated place where they are staying and breeding. Some of the examples are the shaded tents, sun shades, gazebos, and much more. These are very easily available in the market and there is also a constant flow of air.


Lack of access to water is quite a crucial and a matter that has to be taken up very seriously, as it could lead to heavy damage to the pigs’ health. When water is not available for longer periods of time and then suddenly water is made available, these pigs will start to drink water at a very alarming rate. This is actually not good for the pigs’ health. The thirst of these pigs has to be quenched very slowly and gradually, as it may not have the capability to process such large volumes of water at a single stretch.


As this blog was stating earlier, pigs can sustain both indoor as well as outdoor climatic conditions, but in either of the two cases, the temperature surrounding it should be maintained in a very ambient and correct threshold.

As a care taker of your pigs, it is very important to take care of your pigs and constantly keep a check and record your pigs’ temperature, especially in extreme sunny weather and when the heat waves are very high.

So, in the houses that you buy for them or build for them, it is your duty to make sure that there is proper ventilation and air circulation. You could keep a small door open or a vent like of exhaust fan will do. Based in your budget, you could also go for a small AC unit inside the houses for your pigs.


Most of the pigs these days, do not make such a fuss when it comes to their food intake. They are okay and most comfortable with frozen foods as well. Keeping any fruit like grapes inside the ice cube could be a good choice, as it would serve the purpose of both being nutritious as well as a good treat for their thirst as well.

Occasionally, you could also got for these popsicles, which your pigs will definitely love


As a final touch, to raise pigs is usually a simple and a pretty easy task, if it is done on the proper way. Giving them the right amount of food and water and also, very importantly, at the right time is all that it takes to maintain a healthy environment for the pigs.

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